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Our Unique Approach

Part of what makes Unbroken Abundance Counseling unique is that we operate as a teaching clinic, meaning we utilize clinicians at all levels from Masters Graduate Interns, to Licensed Masters Clinicians, to Senior fully licensed practitioners to serve clients at all financial levels. We are mission driven to raise up the next generation of therapists who are masters of their craft to serve our most vulnerable and underserved clients all while dedicated to holding the highest standards of ethics. This means we offer a range of mental health counseling services conducted by a diverse group of counselors who can provide a broad scope of fee options.

Counseling Intern Rates 

Our Low-Cost Program is staffed by hand-picked Counseling Interns who are local graduate students completing their final clinical hours in their advanced studies toward mental health licensure. Our Counseling Interns are educated in the most current methods of evidence-based treatment and their work is guided by our Senior Level Clinicians. When you work with a Counseling Intern at Unbroken Abundance, you get the benefits of our expertise and warm, personalized private-practice setting at a more affordable fee. Working with a Counseling Intern is a little like having two Counselors for the price of one! 

50 minute weekly sessions = $60

Licensed Clinician Rates

Making the decision to seek individual counseling takes courage, and we're honored to be a part of your journey toward better mental health. We provide a safe and compassionate space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. You have a choice in how we proceed, and we are committed to crafting a personalized approach that will help you achieve your goals. Read more about the benefits of longer sessions in an intensive format.

50 minute weekly sessions = $150 (Sliding scale available upon request)

80 minute intensive = $225

2 hour intensive = $300

3 hour intensive = $450

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