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Using Your Insurance Benefits with Unbroken Abundance, PLLC

Updated: Mar 6

Welcome to Unbroken Abundance! We are so excited to work with you. 

In order to use your health insurance benefits we have streamlined the process so that there are, hopefully, no surprises about using your insurance benefits for counseling services with us. This process has been developed so that once we get your benefits verified and on boarded your time with us is focused on what you came for… feeling better!

Before contacting us you may want to:

  1. Call your insurance and find out what your mental health coverage looks like. Questions you may want to ask are:

    1. Do you need to pay your deductible before paying just the copay amount? 

    2. What is your copay amount for in network providers? 

    3. How does using out of network benefits work?

    4. Are you limited in how many sessions are covered per year?

    5. When do your benefits reset for the year?

We will want to schedule a free consultation call to ensure that we can meet your needs and are a good fit working together. During that phone call we will ask for some information so have your insurance card handy.

We will ask you for:

  1. The type of insurance, member ID and Group number. 

  2. The phone number and address associated with the primary insurance holder.

  3. The full legal name and birthday of the primary insurance holder.

We then verify your benefits and let you know what you will owe per session. If that all looks good to you, then we schedule your first session! Please be aware that it can take several days for the eligibility process to happen and that no matter your coverage, you are financially responsible for ensuring your sessions are paid for. In order to protect the finances of our clients, we do not carry balances. We check every week to make sure you have a zero balance or we may cancel or reschedule your session until your balance is paid. To use our services, we require clients to have a card on file with our billing company.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about using insurance to cover therapy costs. We accept insurance so that therapy is easier to access for our clients, but there can be some tricky spots and surprises along the way too. We want you to know what those might be so you can focus on what you came to us to do instead of worrying about your insurance coverage.

Accepted Insurances

United Healthcare








As well as Optum EAP.

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